by Richard Fuentes

Dear neighbor,

Growing up I experienced poverty, violence and failing schools firsthand, just like many of the youth in Oakland. I could not read or write in English until I was in the 5th grade. This was a failure of the education system I was raised in.

I will not sit back and watch our students fall behind because the schools have failed them. Everyone deserves a quality education, whether for academic advancement, job skills development or life long learning, and our Peralta Colleges exist to fill those needs.

As President of the Hoover School Site Council, I have spearheaded several programs that have transformed Hoover Elementary into the most improved elementary school in West Oakland.

Join me in making improvements at our Peralta Community Colleges for students and the community at-large. My decision to run is about my ongoing commitment to serve people in my community.  We need trustees on the Board who place student interests first; people who are not afraid to be leaders, and people who understand how to set sound educational policies for the classroom and see that they are implemented – action not just talk.


Richard Fuentes